Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Weemangian Guard...or what's left of it.

In the days before the Annul of Magyke, most of the Gorgon region was part of a human empire.

Gorgon was ruled by Duke Konstantine in those days. 

The Duke was a fierce warrior and able general. 

Regarded as an eccentricity be some, Duke Konstantine would never appear in public without his dedicated core of Halfling fighters, The Weemangian Guard.

Sadly the Duke, and the stability that the Empire provided are mere memories to the beleaguered halflings of Gorgon, and all that remain of the Weemangian Guard are the six stalwarts pictured here.

Once again these figures are from Citadel and have been living in their blister in various basements and such since purchased in the 80's. They have survived four or five moves, a career, and parenthood to emerge now, like so many tiny little King Arthurs, now in this hour of need...or more properly in this hour when I finally felt like painting them and had the time to do so.

These fellows are among the more heavily armoured figures in my collection so I thought they should be "regulars" rather than the militia or armed townsfolk that make up the bulk of my halfling forces.

 This time I've only taken close ups and all-rounds of each separate pose rather than each finished figure.

This chap is their Kapitan, whose name I have already forgotten. No doubt it will come to me as I only made it up yesterday!

With the Gorgon Halflings I've tried to create several different factions within the community that can variously be at odds with, or allied to other factions. This help represent the many fractures in post Annul Gorgon that have made the halflings easy pickings for both the Zombie Cossacks to the north and the Ottermen slavers to the south.

The Weemangians can serve as protectors or bullyboys as required and may represent the only trained troops able to contend with the Templars should need arise.

Conversely the Weemangians could serve as added muscle for the Templars in their quest to root out heresy and the Old Religion.

There are three of this casting, wielding what must be a fairly short human blade as a two handed weapon.

Just ignore those bits of flock stuck to his sword. They have since been dealt with.

Is that sword or are you just happy to see me?

There are two of this casting. This particular chap has lost an eye...or so that is the effect I hoped to create through painting. Thought it gave him some added character.

Once again I have gone for the fairly stereotypical red noses and rosy cheeks that to some extent mark these halflings to garden gnomes more than Tolkien.


Only one more batch of vintage halfings left I'm afraid although I do have an extra blister left. Those figures are duplicates of others I've already done so not sure if I will add them to the muster or not.

Will arrange a group shot of the halfing unit that will form part of my Empire army if and when the time comes.

That's all for now.

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