Thursday, September 12, 2013

Old School Halfling Hero and Gerard the Lion Hunter

Finished a few more figures today.

First up is a Halfling Hero. Makes a big to do about how he slew a Gorgon...I mean its not like he just found the head in the grasp of a dead adventurer or anything.

I don't have a name of him yet but he is the protector of the Gorgon Halflings. These unfortunates are the Otterman Empire's main source of captives to fill the ranks of the Mamelukes so they are indeed in great need of protection.

Will this chap be up to the task?

Here are all four figures. Gerard mounted and foot, the Hero and his sidekick.

Gerard mounted. This figure is an Elf from Alternative Armies Witchlands line. In this case I simple repainted the rider to match Gerard on foot. The horse, saddlery, and basing are all from Alternative Armies' studio. 

Another shot of the Hero. He started life as a Citadel halfling from the 80's, recently recovered from the basement, converted and painted.

The sidekick is another Citadel great from the 80's. I'm so glad that I bought these back in the day and that I never got around to painting them back then!

The Hero again. The grisly trophy is from the Reaper Perseus figure, clipped at the wrist and pinned in place.

Mounted Gerard.

Foot Gerard started life as an Alternative Armies Elf assassin, armed with a crossbow. The double barreled rifle comes from Alternative Armies' as well. It's really a shot gun for their Frontear game.

The real Gerard was a Spahi officer who made a name for himself in the mid 1800's by ridding villages of predatory lions in the Atlas mountains.

Gerard's Valonian counterpart will eventually be backed up a full unit of Otterman Gnoll Riders in the same colours.

Another shot of our hero. Found it difficult to take photos of so small a figure so apologies for image quality.

Sidekick from another angle.

Front view of the sidekick.

A final shot of the hero in all his glory. Apparently having a Gorgon head in your possession is a great way to get free drinks  and dances with all the prettiest Halfling lasses.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really like your colour choices on these and the mounted figures are terrific!

    1. Thanks Anne!

      I really wanted that halfling to look flash...for a halfling.

  2. Yeah - Gerard is really cool - a really great figure that seems doubly menacing next to the cartooniness of the halflings.

    whilst I could hardly suggest it as a name, as soon as I saw your red halfling, I started thinking of an italian background. Two things immediately flew through my mind - an extremely obvious pun to do with a powerful, blue veined italian cheese, but also, the peculiar anime film (to do with an italian pig) - Porco Rosso - the Crimson Pig. Hmmm...

    I hope that drives some inspiration :)

    Nicely done!


    1. Excellent thoughts Gaj! Should have known you for a Porco Rosso fan too. Fantastic film.

      Occurred to me that Percy would be a good name for a Gorgon slayer.

      "Red Percy" or "Percy Scarlet"? with the obligatory "Gorgonslayer" appended?

    2. Ooh - I like Percy. Percival 'Gorgonslayer' Scarlette? But now I'm claiming liberties. I shall simply have to get myself a halfling and do the same!

    3. Nonsense Sir! I say you MUST feel at liberty to take liberties.

      You are a font on entertaining notions. Liberty on (is that even a saying? If not it ought to be!)!

  3. Great looking figures. Nice finds in the stash.

    1. Thank you.

      Plenty more where that came from. Should be a few small armies down there.