Monday, September 23, 2013

Frodo Barbarosa and the Halfling Desert Raiders WIP

A while ago now, I wrote a post on the Notables Yahoo Group lamenting the lack of Halfling cavalry figures currently available for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

You see the Halflings are the games' Mamelukes, skilled and flamboyant warriors riding to war on their feet Saluki hounds. While there is one halfling cavalry code, a light lancer unit with officer and standard, there just wasn't enough variety.

In addition I wanted to field bow armed halfling riders and in the game world of Valon, Halflings are not capable of using missile weapons.

Elton Waters, fine fellah that he is, offered to convert several figures using the existing mounted halfling as a base.

The end result is two units of ten figures each and an additional bonus figure!

Here are some photos of my painting efforts with some notes interspersed.

This imposing chap is known as Frodo Barbarosa. Frodo was taken as a slave from the Gorgon Halflings and raised by the Ottermen to serve as a Mameluke, a calling to which he has proved admirably suited.

So effective a raider is he, the Barbarossa now considers himself only nominally under Sultan Selim's command and more often sees their roles reversed.

Here are the twenty figures. The front rank are Mamelukes while the second rank are Bagginsa halflings from the Suddan.

Here the Bagginsa are front and center for your perusal. The idea here is that the Bagginsa appear as no nonsense desert raiders and hunters not much given to frippery.

Here is their as yet unnamed leader.

A side view of Barbarossa.

Barbarossa strikes a pose.

Close up of some of the halflings.

Close up of the others.

The paint scheme is designed to allow me to field the two units separately or in mixed units.

Had planned to dip them in Army Painter soft tone tomorrow and then work on the dogs.

Having second thoughts and may skip the dipping in exchange for more colored inking. 

In that case I would work on the dogs first.

A big thank you to Elton!

Will post photos of the completed villains once they are, uh, completed.

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  1. You lucky, lucky man (Oh sorry Monkey) to have these custom made for you. These look great.


  2. Very cool and colorful figures.

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  4. Thank you. I am very lucky indeed to have such fine halfings.

    Ended up dipping them in Army Painter Soft Tone and it worked as expected. Have to go back and dry brush some highlights on the white cloth, as expected. However it makes the dogs look great, in addition to the fine detailing of the riders.

    Frodo Barbarosa's delicate brocade really pops now.