Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Boy the Game Master

Folks, today my ten year old ran a game for me! Well us really as it was a co-op game.

It was splendid!

The rules used were Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader, bodged together with various Two Hour Wargames concepts to help run enemy forces.

After laying out then terrain and assembling our forces the boy gave me the backstory. Our force was tasked with cooperating with local forces in suppressing a rebellion. 

Part one required our force of Space Marines to liberate an Eldar noble who was being held captive by human rebels. This part was a bit of a cake walk as we stormed the two enemy bunkers and prevailed with no loss to ourselves.

Part two saw us enter an Eldar outpost. Rather than the warm welcome I had expected the demmed aliens mad our characters duel, first against rebel prisoners, and then against Eldar champions to prove our worth as allies. Naturally as bio engineered human heroes we prevailed once again.

Then (part three) all Hades broke loose.

A series of blasts rocked the outpost signalling an all out rebel assault.

The compound was soon overrun and the fighting raged at close quarters.

It was a very close run thing but our qualitative advantage eventually allowed us to overcome the element of surprise and their considerably superior numbers.

All in all an excellent showing from a very promising young story teller indeed!

Hope you enjoyed the tale and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good for your kid you lucky daddy!

  2. That is most excellent. I am really trying to foster a love of games in my kids. My daughter likes video games better and my son likes board games and wargaming, but he is only 7.

  3. Great Stuff Bob. And well done to the lad too.

    Perhaps he will develop a love for historical and fantasy wargaming too.


  4. We're on Heroquest and Rab's marvellous Goblinquest rules at the moment - mind you the lad's only 4!

    A bit of Rogue Trader when he's older is certainly something to llok forward to.

  5. Thanks guys. He is wll pleased with the number of hits this post has received as well as your very kind words.

  6. Excellent stuff! This is the kind of scenario I remember fondly from my own Rogue Trader days. Looks like he is off to a great start.