Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Giglamp's Groom

As any Officer in the Service of Good Kyng Gorge will attest, a Resourceful and Attentive groom is worth his very weight in Guineas. In the Fever ridden districts of Afri this is even more so than in the drawing rooms of Londinium Society.

It is therefore most Fortunate that Captain Giglamps has retained the services of William...

His real name is "Ook" or so Giggers says. Named him "William" after the Prince of Orangs, whom Giggers had the pleasure of meeting while serving as an Aide on Wheeling-Turn's staff.

William is an Absolutely Dependable fellow able to keep his Gentleman well supplied with Pym's Elixer, an essential part of any Officer's camp equipage in the Tropics.

William had been serving in His Majesty's Royul Navy as a Powder Monkey, a position in which he served with distinction. After discussion with the Captain of HMS Tygre, Giggers was able to secure William's services ashore.

Wonder if William will accompany Giggers when that Worthy is finally able to return to the Polite Society of Urop? Well, such concerns are well in the future as Giggers continues to enforce the Kyng's Peace in the West Afri Station.

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  1. Excellent brushwork, he looks like my mate Postie!!

  2. Great figure. The story is good too.

  3. Charming little fella! He'll fit in well with your Flintloque figures!

  4. Thanks! Now if I could only find an good figure for a chimp butler...

  5. Pym's. A sure sign that civilisation has finally come to Afri. I look forward to the stories of these two solid adventurers!

  6. A measure of William's true worth! : )