Saturday, March 10, 2012

Orc's Drift: The outlying settlements are overrun

All across the table, orc numbers were finally telling.

One by one the brave dwarves on the bridge at Ashak Rise fell.

In twos and threes the Linden Way militia fell to sword and arrow.

Even the fierce elven defenders of Kachas Pass were overwhelmed.

Snorimm Fimbul fight like a slayer, yet he too was overcome...

...and yet his sacrifice allowed his people to escape with their hard dug gold.

The bridge clear at last, the Severed Hand march to war. In the background the last moments of the defenders of Kachas Pass play out.

The Kwae Karr lay waste to Linden Way.

Everywhere the orcs converge on Orc's Drift.

The Severed Hand have spent their chaos hounds in the attack at Ashak Rise. They have not lost a single orc  as they thread their way through the mountains.

The Kwae Karr have lost only six of their number in the attack on Linden Way.

The Vile Rune are hard hit. They have lost near half their number in the attack on Kachas Pass and will have to rely on their giant, Guthrum Mane, to bear the brunt of the assault on the Drift.

Brommedir and Chardz can see the smoke rising from the fallen settlments. Will their handful of defenders be enough to stop the orc horde?

Some game notes:

Everything has gone off without a hitch so far. Obviously different dice rolls and decisions would have led to slight different outcomes but that is how it goes.

One negative note though is in the nature of the scenarios themselves. They are all basically variations on the assault on a fixed position. It does tend to be a bit monotonous after a while. I charge the walls. They feed in men/elves/dwarves here and there. With luck they are overcome. Without it, the orcs clamber over the fallen and on to victory. Makes for an exciting narrative but perhaps not so very exciting a game. Oh well.

I have considered foregoing the pre-determined defense of Orc's Drift in favor of the Possible 
Enemy Force mechanics of WHAA. This could lead to a very different battle where my force could conceivably even end up outnumbered by an Alliance relief force. However that would hardly live up to the imagery of Orc's Drift would it?

Might just pack the whole game in as I've some notions for an upcoming Horse and Musket rule set I am keen to try out... So many choices and so little time eh?

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  1. I hope you will play out the battle. It has been quite good narrative, if not very exciting gaming. But I'll be happy to read whatever you post.