Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Napoleonic Division Battle

Have started playing around with Muskets and Mohawks for Napoleonics. Some changes are required as Muskets and Mohawks is written with each unit being a company. The Napoleonic version moves up a  notch to the more traditional battalion, battery, regiment scale.

This requires some changes in mechanics, ranges and so on. More significant changes are required in the solo/coop campaigns and if you will, AI.

Here is a shot of a game in progress. Having randomly chosen a couple of storage drawers we see Hanoverians assaulting a French position. Both sides' skirmish lines have just engaged. The first Hanoverian brigade is about to advance through their skirmishers. The French are formed in three lines; skirmishers and guns in the front, followed by one brigade in line and a second in column of divisions.

All told a "division" comes out to about 60 infantry, and one gun with 6-8 crew. Naturally either side may be augmented by reinforcement over the course of play.

Early days yet but so far so good.


  1. Nice pic, the figures look great!

  2. Looks great! I am currently painting lots of Napoleonic figures in order to play something like this, so please keep us informed about the progress...
    Do you plan to publish the result as addition to M&M?

  3. Thanks!

    Aleksander, the game will be based on the Muskets system but will have significant differences and be a stand alone game. The Musket F&IW and ACW games use sections and forces rarely go above a company. The Napoleonic game will use the more familiar battalions and batteries so will represent much larger actions.