Monday, February 6, 2012

The Loup Lenape

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Just finished converting these Rackham Wolfen. A few firearms and feathers care of Alternative Armies and they are ready to join the fight against General Braddorc.

Hard to see but the chap left rear has a bow and quiver left over from the GW Savage Orcs that have become the Hurorc/Mohorc tribe.

These fellahs will use the stats for large werewolves in Flintloque.

There are actually quite a few more that are simply standard Wolfen figures. I figured fellahs as big as these wouldn't need that much firepower and would be better off getting stuck in straight away.

As well as being the Loup Lenape tribe these chaps will appear from time to time in other wild places of Valon as needed.

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