Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hikz Pasha in Kordlessfan

The Kordlessfan Field Force
Hikz Pasha knows he is in trouble. Having been seconded to the service of the Othari Sultan, Hikz has been tasked with putting down the Halfling insurrection in Kordlessfan, a province of The Suddan.

Above is a photo of  Hikz leading the grandly named Kordlessfan Field Force. It consists of 8 companies of Otterman regulars with Goblin, Dwarf, and Ogre officers, a band of friendly Otters acting as scouts, and numerous baggage animals and camp followers.
Hikz Pasha
Here is a shot of Hikz with his Sultanate adviser, and honor guard.

The force is marching through very arid country. Hikz has had the otters form in a hollow square with baggage and camp followers in the center.
Two companies form each side of the square. Here is the left flank.
And here is the right.
Camp followers form the center of the square.

The Otter "regulars" are dispirited, thirsty, and not particularly interested in being anywhere near a battle.

Naturally the Bilboist host is not far off...


  1. Your figures are really impressive! Can't wait to see them in action!

  2. Thank you!

    Shouldn't be long now. Next day or two.