Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vimeiro - Slaughterloo Style

Playing Slaughterloo for a little change of pace. This is the scenario from the back of the rule book. Vimeiro.
 As one might infer from the title it is based on the action fought between Wellington and Junot in Portugal.These few photos are actually from my second go with the scenario.

 Each time I have played as the Ferach letting the forces of Albion run on autopilot. As the Britorcn forces start in good defensive terrain this wasn't very difficult.

Both times I have been soundly trounced! The photos here are from the end of turn 2 in the second game. The Orc hussars routed one of my three line battalions and drove my light infantry from the field. Fortunately the impetuous horse orcs ran off the table after them.

On my right the Hussars de Jeunes and my 12 pdr battery are on the other side of a hill from two Albion line battalions. The Strathcarnage & Killmore rats have formed square, nicely protecting the orcs' on this flank while the Fourth Foote are in line behind them.
My remaining two infantry battalions have been a bit shot up. The Gundbark dog line suffered losses (including their officer) on the first turn from the orcs' artillery, causing them to retire. During the second turn they were able to regroup and fortunately did not join the elf battalion to their right in the rout.

The left most elf battalion was stalled on the first turn by Command Indecision and advanced into the fire of the Rifles and gun on the second turn. Of course there is a full strength orc line battalion behind the Rifles and battery, just behind the crest of the hill.

I am currently down to 2 morale points from my starting 12.

In contrast the orcs have lost only their unit of hussars, two killed and the rest off the table in pursuit, and one gunner (each gunner actually represents one gun) for their battery. That gives them 8 of 12 morale points.

Not really sure how to retrieve this situation. Still it was good fun getting to this point.

Now I am not terribly experienced in playing as the Ferach so that might factor into these results. Mainly its because I am much more Wellingtonian, than Napoleonic in outlook and prefer to fight on the defensive. At least that's my story and I am sticking to it : )

Hope you've enjoyed my discomfiture and as always thanks for stopping by!

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