Friday, February 11, 2011

Flintloque - War in Catalucia

Finally added a flag to a unit of dodo riders today. The flag is from . At least IIRC it is.

Having finally given them a standard thought I might as well give them a go at someToads.

The photo shows the climax of a game of scenario 2 from Flintloque - War in Catlucia , where in a Goblin patrol must push through a Toad infantry unit with urgent dispatches for their commander.

As the Goblins were all dodo mounted I figured they would just push down the road at best speed. The Toads deployed their officer, standard, and singer on the bridge itself, while the 5 musket armed Toads fanned out along the river to take the 5 Goblin riders under fire.

The initial Toad volley brought down the dodo of the Goblin sergeant. The remaining birds trotted on to the bridge. In the ensuing melee, the Toad officer and singer were ridden down, while the standard bearer un-dodoed his goblin.

Chaos reigned as it was each Toad for himself and the firing line more or less disintegrated.

Eventually enough the Toads rallied to fire off a few more shots and another dodo brought down but its rider was carried to safety by the Goblin leader.

In all three dodos were felled and two of the five Goblins had to retreat back the way they had come. However three Goblins on two dodos got through securing victory for Al-Garvey.

The Toads lost their officer and singer with one musket Toad routed off table.

Better luck next time mi amphibien!

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