Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cossack Attack

Snow everywhere. Well around here anyway. Seemed like a good day to play the obligatory Cossack attack on the retreating Grande Armee'.

An ad hoc Ligne company trudges through the snow in column of companies while an understrength squadron of mixed horse scout to left and right.

 The enemy appeared by random roll, straight ahead in three large groups.

 The Cossacks attack left, center, and right. The mixed horse race past the infantry to reform behind.
 The center Cossack unit is decimated by a close range volley. The Cossacks lose their hetman as well as the gorup leader.
 The cavalry counter-charge! The left flank Cossack unit is routed! On the right the Cossacks and cavalry pass, with the cavalry losing half their number.
 The cavalry pursue the two fleeing Cossack groups, while the infantry turn the third rank 180 degrees.
The only surviving Cossack leader thinks better of continuing the conflict and rides off to consolidate his position as the new hetman.

The Grande Armee' lost only two cavalry figures or about 10 troopers.

The Cossacks lost 12 figures of 31 engaged and 3 out of 4 leaders. A dismal performance by any standards. However it is worth noting that in the two flank melees the Cossacks enjoyed a 2:1 superiority. Had the cavalry been routed the infantry company would have been in a precarious position, having to trade the security of all round defense, for continued movement down the road. If the Cossacks could have conducted a second charge at the right time the issue would have been very much in doubt. As always you may click on the photos to see a larger version.

Figures are from Alternative Armies.


  1. Nice terrain - very atmospheric.


  2. Thank you Tony.

    Only my third time using the snow set up. First time was Sharke and his Rifles holding off Ferach Dragoons.

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